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Express Drug Screening, LLC is owned by Theretha King, with eleven years of experience and Debra Auer with eighteen years of experience in the drug testing field. Theretha started Express Drug Screening in 1996 and was joined by Debra Auer informally in 2001. After one year of an informal partnership the two merged their business and reformed Express Drug Screening, LLC

The company offers drug & breath alcohol testing and related consultative services such as random program management, policy development and training seminars on how to detect reasonable cause in the workplace. Express Drug Screening, specializes in on-site drug testing and operates 24/7, a distinct advantage over the larger players in the drug testing market. EDS also offers paternity testing at its office.

Express Drug Screening’s business has been growing steadily in the past few years. The market for their services is expanding as the federal government and local businesses continue to require drug testing for new applicants, post accident, reasonable cause, and random testing.

2525 N Mayfair Road, Suite 50, Wauwautosa, WI 53226